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k sav – all about the money (freestyle) lyrics


[intro: biggie]

[verse 1]
it’s all about the d-mn f-cking money
tryna get them dollars, ain’t sh-t f-cking funny
all y’all n-gg-s acting all f-cking b-mmy
my boy put me in this game so i gotta make this change
ain’t f-cking with these lames, soon enough i’mma take this whole rap game
got a n-gg- going insane on these beats, in these streets, walk around with that heat, n-gg- i’m the sh-t
ain’t saying sh-t that could harm thee
got these n-gg-s round me, best know that they [?]
best know i ride around with the top down
ain’t afraid of nothing, screaming f-ck your side y’all ain’t reppin nothing
shoutsout to tom g, yeah my boy stunting
told em put me on a song then i’ll put our n-gg-s on
man, it’s money over everything, the f-ck you waiting on
yeah, my n-gg-s got the chrome, they’ll put it to your dome
walking into heavens gate while i’m blazing up my zone
while i’m blazing up my zone
calling us the bad guys but i think i got wrong
[break: scarface]

[verse 2]
now i’m spitting raps with this twisted f-cking flow
writing sh-t down? nah, it’s coming from the dome
we spitting raps so we can get out of this hole
best know we ain’t f-cking with the d-mn hoes
no mo giving n-gg-s headache and popping no tylenol
all my n-gg-s is around, all you n-gg-s is some clowns
f-ck you talking bout?
huh n-gg-, f-ck you talking bout?

all we do is chase the paper motherf-ck these n-gg-s hating (x2)
yeah it’s all about the money (x3)