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k trap – freestyle lyrics


4 and a half of snow might turn it to 9 if i’m lucky enough
man talk bout smoke ain’t nuttin’ got touched
get yourself cooked for f-cking with us
love all my brothers it’s nuttin’ but love
throw me dem rubbers i’ll bust it and dust
no i ain’t rich so trappings a must
100s of stones i’m wrapping them up
man talk bout trap, they ain’t got nuttin’ to show
i know how to whip it i double them o’s
cook up a biscuit them trappers them know
always been comfy i carry my own
if i feel funny i carry my pole
see me some opps, they panic and blow
40s a mazza it’s damaging bones
man talk like i ain’t been clapping off metal
the shotty holds 3, i’ll show him bout levels
going with drill, going with rebels
i was in jail, that’s tuna and kettles
lookin at half a life sentence
they had me in the crown with judges it’s mental
nuttin like louis, simon and cheryl
thank god that my qc bust it
cah the bird woulda been disgusting
late 20s man woulda been touching
now i’ve turned 20 bags mans touching
courtesy of the phone line jumping
a man can never question me like i weren’t throwing corn at pumpkin
put a lump in a pot
that’s a 4 and a half of the soft
put it in the m-wave for a minute
bring the ice let me turn this to rock
i seen close friends turn into opps
but that’s a lesson learnt not lost
tryna have a safe journey with god
but the devil got me swerving a lot
2 l’s lets lurk on a opp
put him in a shirt then i’m off
slap bro if he brings his phone on a ride are you tryna get us birded or what
aj that’s a bird on my top
and the slim fit’s fit kinda prop
but i still keep a pair of bootcuts, cah i swear they work well with the dots