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k-trilla – no prisoners lyrics


yeah, aye, yeah

bang, bang, bang

[verse 1:]

started off as a young in in this b-tch, man i’m straight
mama used to struggle every night to put food on our plate
i can’t f-ck with these n-gg-s no more, these n-gg- fake
i don’t talk to the feds, no i don’t talk to the jakes
i can tell these n-gg-s mad, i can tell these n-gg- phony
nah i ain’t no speaker knockerz, but i got it by my lonely
everyday come home, got a pack on me
run up on me, i stay strapped, b-tch you know that i am tony
i am tony i stay strapped, like a f-cking seatbelt
i don’t do no d-mn features, b-tch i’m all by myself
n-gg- say i shouldn’t smoke because it’s bad for my health
selling for my own use, don’t sell for n-body else

my daddy still gotta work, tryna get his own home
n-gg- feature free b-tch, i am all alone
independent, n-gg-, b-tch, stop calling my d-mn phone
that’s your b-tch just like a dog, slurping all up on my bone

n-gg-s will be mad one day, see me all up on tv
i can tell these n-gg-s phony, these n-gg-s wanna be me
my mama still gotta work, she hardly ever see me
i can tell these n-gg- p-ssy i can tell these n-gg-s pee-wee