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kahri 1k – out the way lyrics


i just got off ft with a bad b+tch
she like 5 whole states away
i’m finna hot the lot and cop a 2020
i sit in that b+tch i’m outta sp+ce
these n+ggas hating speakin outta place
extendo on me 30 to yo face
chop sticks on us go the other way
every 2 racks i go purchase a k
every 2 racks we go purchase 2 weapons
it don’t cost sh+t to getcha out the way
whoever ain’t with me
can’t stop me from flexing
cause the few that’s around me
ain’t fit to be played with my n+gga

it’s too much money odb
you shouldn’t have no time
to hate on no n+gga

ion be kicking no fake sh+t
my city love me
i’m g
ion need my hitters

they talked down on me oh well
ian never had can’t tell
i’m pushing 100 no l’s
backwood 2.5 in the air
blueface in his pants from sales
i talk fishes open they gills
cash app got racks gahd+mn
15 in the trap
yes mam
green cheese on me like sam
ian gotta plan sh+t they lay em
weon dodge sh+t n+gga we ram
i’m popping not just ona gram
he thought i was lacking
he blammed
he run with the mob don’t play him

slob on my n0b go ham
when you parking my car you
don’t examine
you braggin on ha and i stamped her

i’m young athe baddest b+tches
i stunt ona hoe got her mad at my b+tches
they saying they with me
they mad cause i’m winning
she sucking me like she give head for a living
i’m heavy and ion lift weights and i’m building

pop yo sh+t i hope you gone back that sh+t up
ima talk my sh+t
but ian gone say to much
my dealings they richer

ion be having no kick it for skittles
m & m ‘ s i want em i’m getting em
whip came widda glock in the middle
prior to that i had one like i’m richard