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karmah – intergalactic lyrics


[verse 1]
we just wanna live our life
we just wanna stay up late
we just wanna do our drugs
we just wanna free our minds

intergalactic dmt
intergalactic lsd
intergalactic thc

[verse 2]
its crazy how the world change
its crazy how the time drops
illuminati changed us
we just wanna free our minds

[hook] x2

[verse 3]
it tell me come and live my life
i just wanna live it right
all i see is evil vibes
starting to get out of my mind

[hook] x2
[verse 4]
u can’t change my mind
blind but i still have eyes
how can i see the signs
go places u never go
know things that u never know
systematic changes, ouu
how can i embrace it, ouu
i just want to gooo

[hook] x4

f-ck man, why do i always have to be so different all the time
like why can’t i make normal music like normal people?