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kasher quon – sheesh lyrics


kasher quon
let’s go
alright, alright, alright
feel me?
b+tch, b+tch, b+tch

[verse 1]
these chanel human races only worn for occasions (chanel)
lightskin with the braces, keep that good p+ssy waiting (ooh)
b+tch cold and conceited, p+ssy bad she a demon (d+mn)
mad at me for no reason, but this cheese b+tch i eat it (that cheese)
n+ggas broke and they bored, hating sh+t get ignored (i don’t care)
fit cost too much, you n+ggas talk too much (shut the f+ck up)
i don’t wanna hear that bluff, bringing up random stuff (boy)
say you got all the dumps but ain’t shown, not once (show me)
think i’m sweet, i ain’t dumb, 40 go “rum+bum+bum”
woods fatter than my thumb, you a broke dirty bum (a bum!)
you returning in bottles for cheap liquor to swallow (cheap)
get an hp b+tch and just swear she a model (hahahaha)
want a verse, it ain’t free, d+mn sure it ain’t cheap
i’mma need another 2 i hear a youtube beat (what the f+ck?)
yeah, i heard you got a jonboi and you got a meech (p+ssy)
but when i hit the internet, them the ones that was leaked
i don’t want to f+ck you b+tch cause your weave too stiff (get out my face)
f+ck me off the sock runners, said she like my drip (balenciaga)
’bout to hit western union, i can grab my sh+t (that money)
black and yellow piece of paper, bringing back that sh+t (pick up the money)
put a juug in her name thinking she my b+tch (f+ck no)
put a check in her account, want to see if it hit (please)
take her back to the room, goin’ crazy on the d+ck (ooh)
can’t trust a sack chaser, they be shadier than a b+tch (d+mn)
and you pourin’ all these fours but you late on the rent (lame)
steady tricking with these hoes and you ain’t got a whip (priorities!)
[verse 2]
meech what it look like?
i+i+i+i+i just hopped off a plane from a good trip (parole)
touched down, finna give your b+tch good d+ck (come here)
heard you gonna rob me, with what stick? (what?)
you a p+ssy+ass n+gga and a punk b+tch (punk b+tch)
i’ll catch a n+gga lacking with a drumstick (brr, boom!)
when i see you out in traffic, better run b+tch (better run)
better pray that you always got your gun b+tch (in yo bag)
i don’t even know her name, that’s that one b+tch (that one b+tch)
give her 50 on a band, she a dumb b+tch (stupid)
michael kors on her bag, what a crum b+tch
fake chanel dionysus, what a bum b+tch (d+mn)
you don’t know what that is because you a crum b+tch (you don’t know)
that don’t mean your p+ssy trash cause i cum quick (it’s not)
i gotta hit western union for that one sh+t (cheese)
30k followers got me dumb rich
ain’t poured up in 3 days, got me dumb sick
yo b+tch got to sucking on my d+ck, she was slobbing (ooh)
had to cut it to her, don’t do it while i’m driving (stop)
should do the yeezys but i got more options (boy)
givenchy, balmains, shoes look like stockings

[verse 3]
meech what it look like?
what i spent on these beats, you spent on your bag (yo bag)
what i spent on my fit, you spent on some ass (lame)
n+ggas so spent around this b+tch and it’s sad (it’s sad)
know the 7 words “don’t give a f+ck about my past” (f+ck that)
pull up srt, don’t give a f+ck about a crash (scoop scoop scoop scoop)
i can say that cause it’s money in the stash (a lotta that)
think a n+gga sweet, put some money on your head (brr, boom!)
n+ggas washed up, still smoking on the reds (d+mn)
i just hit a light juug for 1k (a band)
get up and get to it on a sunday (sunday)
you on your ass in a bed on a monday (ran around)
lame n+gga, you ain’t tryna get no cake
go the fast food route, ain’t eat no steak (you ain’t got it)
ain’t finish school cause a n+gga used to go late (i was late)
now i hit the studio and just go ape (go dumb)
all this fluke sh+t around, don’t want no bape (i don’t want it)
so good!