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kaycee – bossin freestyle lyrics


now im back n-ggas know
that i can k!ll this beat with my flow
cos i got it all,and i’m gonna be hauling
cos im bossing
ok,are you bossing,i dont care wat u gonna be causing
i ain’t got time for sh-t that makes n-ggas pausing rhymes
i only flow with n-ggas who keep dropping lines
n-ggas like lamar who keep wasting times
i’mma thank ortiz for makin him know he ain’t the king of newyork

men im bossing
men im bossing)x2
i’mma make u cry
you ain’t gonna flyhigh
cause you ain’t my reach
n-gga,u just try to steal my vibe
but it ain’t gonna happen

meek mill
kaycee,dont keep wasting your saliva on lamar
cause he ain’t got vibes