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kaye (au) – feel alright lyrics


verse 1 (kaye)

beast in the night, beast in the night
got a reason to fight
live for the light, freedom and rights
got a beast on the mic

give ‘em some free, breathe out the bright
freezing but feeling the teachings of life
see with my sight
all three off of my eyes

stay on the low, stayed on a roll, while they on patrol
watching me every day, everywhere that i go
gotta be different, be in my own, not fit to the mould
phone won’t stop, call me back, put it hold

live in the now, livin’ and proud
we not prisoners now
breaking the bars, aim for the stars
raisin it up, the kingdom is ours

ain’t got the beef, stayed on the street
feeling in my lyrics when i lay on the beat
love for the west, straight out the east
ka-re on the beat

shout out fam, love my boys
love for girls, bumpin the noise
deep as the ships sunk in the void
rip to the love been destroyed

divide and conquer tear us apart
feel it in my heart, tell ‘em that they can’t
give a little spark
as the sunrise rises in a minute out the dark

verse 2 (kaye)

beast in my life, beast in my life
got a reason to fight, for peace of my mind
burn the fire
marley keep it alight

keeping it hype
bleeding the truth, not feeding on lies
feeling the vibe, stealing the show
thief in the night

seeing the sky, high on a mountain
moment of truth white of the clouds an
green of the trees i am surrounded
dreams in my life i’d never doubt ‘em

nah, ‘coz no we don’t waste no precious time man
we all work for respect, we on the grind man
tony hawk switch it quickly, my frame of mind man
50-50 shift it back yeah i know my chance
we never cared about no black or white man
we know for every dark that there is a light fam

supernova, revolution, make solution, no pollution
mona lisa, evolution, che guevara start a movement
soldiers and the people shooting, drugs and the people using
pimps and the prost-tution nights, hope it will be alright

outro hook (ayr)

everything will be alright
we gone make it through the night
ain’t no slowin’ just flowin’ growin’
and follow my stride
go on and touch the sky
go on and free my mind

ya feel alright

feel alright x2