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kaysinners – back that lyrics


[verse 1: kaysinners]

reap that peep that keep that. don’t sit around with your feet back. if you a clown homie leave that. i show you the proof till you see flat. i’m bringing the truth all the way from the sack . shout out to jordan, to kiea to pat. to jb to maddie to alex and to all of my new music that just never gets wack. this is a song for those people who brag. proud of my craft so don’t put me in that . don’t claim that you have that money cause i find it funny when your bank looks thinner than gr-ss. how you a fake and you don’t even know it? demanding loyalty but you don’t show it. how you get paid in a day and you blow it? how you hate people that hate but you do it? bragging that, bragging this , bragging that. too many braggers just made me rap. most of the time braggers don’t have jack. how you talk tough but you carry straps? respect you more if you got the hands. i rather sip drinks with loyal friends. than ride with some fakes that use different masks. i’ve been through the pain now i wear a patch. disguised as a soldier with killa fans. gotta mind tougher than alcatraz. making these numbers just do the math. i’m puerto rican don’t you see the flag? this alb-m my story my aftermath. you wanna brag? i support the craft. but back that up when you just talk your trash

keep it at that . but just back that