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kaysinners – surcease lyrics


when i talk i be packing.
not talking guns but i got that fist balled up, tryna get it f-cking scr-ping.
bat in my hand if p-ss-es really wanna jump.
these m-th-f-ckas plastic.
see through them like a dirty mirror on the wall.
they fake, they ain’t blasting.
i am from a city that doesn’t really give a f-ck.
i don’t sleep, i’ll be napping.
i’ll never be wack.
come to your face with no strap.
so please don’t be on my sack.
or then ima have, then ima have to react.
temper be negative ten.
f-ck all these friendships with friends.
cause when the chips fall down…
they never go to the end.
i’m a man that don’t plan.
and if i do you’ll think i ran…
yeah i move quicker than sand.
i be like look out the window.
just jot for some info.
there’s fakes, but they’re tint though.
some claim that they “ball” but they been up and been broke.
some gossip though but they been choked.
some hustle when rents low.
some go from snitching to ditches for big throats

i don’t cater for haters, i’m focused on paper.
i’m quiet and violent an african gator.
type to turn my ex’s name into f-cking vapor.
nah you cannot save her.
don’t save sh-t for later.
that’s like saving a rib for like 3 years later.
if it’s done it’s done and i’m not a d-mn savior.
i can’t save myself.
so why save someone else?
pain is the sh-t that i always felt!
enough with the babbling i feel like i’m having low battery.
these chicks aren’t flattering.
these b-tches i rent em, they don’t last long so n-gg- forget em.
they give you the love then now they spit venom.
forget em, forget em, told you forget em.
just focus on money so you won’t be hungry and you won’t be lonely.
cause the only one thing that really loves you is you and you only