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kaysoul – jesus lyrics



there is a truth older than the ages
there is promise of things yet to come
there is born for our salvation
yea his name is jesus
there is light that over wells the darkness
there is a kingdom that forever reigns
there is freedom from that chains that blinds us
jesus yea that is his name
who walks on the water
who speaks to the seas
who stands in the fire for me when it feels at its needs
he rose like a lion (roar)
he bleed as the the lamb(o yuh)
he carry’s my healing in his own two very set of hands (yuh)

when i’m in time of trouble
i call on jesus
we was locked up in sin
but jesus freed us
that’s why when i’m feeling down
i call on jesus
it’s the man from galilee and yea his name is jesus
jesus(x3) yea
jesus(x3) yea
jesus(x3) yea
jesus (yea) jesus (yea)