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keilo kei – ie (insane empire) lyrics



ion give a f-ck where you standing
throw up yo clicc if they trip then give them n-gg-s the hands bruh
straight from the shoulders
blown of the doja
all my n-gg-s gone in they zone throwin bows up

moshing n diving
sendin spin kicks side to side n
p-ssy n-gg-s fear for they lives so they ducking n hiding
ain’t nowhere to hide from the violence
way too many young n-gg-s wildin

its f-ck who you came wit
squad full of gods what i hang wit
hated cuz n-gg-s ain’t on the same sh-t
i been on my rage sh-t
slay squad 111 deep in this b-tch better rep what you claimin

rep how you livin
live by yo rep tho
look at how i live
for these souls ima klepto
maniac deathstroke
til i see deathrow
still livin hesh til i rest
cuz i said so, yee hoe