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keilo kei – one of us lyrics


four gods deep in a subi
creep when we move
ain’t no sleep from my wolves
so we eat, what you doin?
lost n-gg-s weak, we elite
so, we shoo-in
look at the sh-t we do man this ain’t no illusion
my rules what im choosin
clear in my views so that spoon i’m refusing
you fools can’t confuse me
ive moved how i move for many moons
my goons got kabooms for any fools with ill minded views for this movement i move with
i know them gods in the mood for that new sh-t
i know them frauds in they moods cuz we rule sh-t
while n-gg-s nod we pursue how we view sh-t
this how i do sh-t;
i build up my mental then physically use it by channeling lucid sh-t straight to my music
i came wit that “coo” sh-t but n-gg-s abused it so let me break this down so you dont confuse sh-t

one of us
mentally weak? you ain’t one of us
if you shake when you speak you ain’t one of us
you ain’t gimme that three? you ain’t one of us
know its souls for the feast if you run wit us
we rush if you beefin wit one of us
if yo b-tch see my teeth bet she come wit us
if the streets is on heat then it prolly was one of us

i walk this world my soul intact
progress to the edge of this earth, no fear in my heart
i look off into the abyss, the void is me
its crazy how livin in the spirit got me losing my mind
the constellations call me out
jump off, i dont give it a f-ck, i trust my will
became what i knew i’d become, you n-gg-s still talk
i keep to my own sh-t and speak with my motions

im chillin wit yo b-tch on the beach with mimosas
smokin on a blunt full of keif and that ocean grown
thats original og and we zonin
i ain’t wanna f-ck so she sucked me the long way
some might say how i live be the wrong way
them same n-gg-s base how they live on what songs say
ask me whats the truth and i’m gon say
time ain’t real and this life is a long day

aye, sometimes i gotta get it on my lonely
not for me only
for the ones dependant on me
can’t n-body get this sh-t for me
squad be the fam, what the f-ck is a homie?
swisher to the neck full of og
you say you a god, n-gg- show me
mortals can’t approach me
now you know why keilo be low-key
squad be the fam, what the f-ck is a homie?!

[hook x2]