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keilo kei – waterfalls lyrics


this that (dead) watch a n-gga brains hit the wall sh-t
eternal they trippin cuz we came with no caution
im keeping it 111 for that gang and that squad sh-t
it wasn’t no peace inside of my mind so i lost it

but brains can change if kanes was able
can’t put none pf my faith in your faceless fables when im faced with livin in place where my race disabled

b-tch n-ggas tried to set me back too
not giving a f-ck who kept me doin the sh-t that i wanted to do
its true, because at the end of it all it really be just you
so trust who?
when everybody i supposed to look up to lookin stuck too
n-gga f-ck you
when i come thru better duck foo

i know you feel cold when i speak
you know its still souls for the feast
im rollin with a soul full of heat
lurkin up in lytle creek
as i look thru these trees all i see is these

waterfalls, waterfalling
see 111 my god is calling
searchin for soul well i got it shorty
all on my back but i got it shorty
dont need yo help b-tch im not r-t-rded
they want my soul but they can’t afford it
no that sucka sh-t won’t get rewarded
emptied my clip now my sh-ts reloaded

the n-ggas who talking loudest
usually be the brokest
so lettin you know my every move ain’t never been my focus
kei always been the lowest
proud to say down as f-ck
come in here tripping and think ima stall you out?
b-tch you out of luck
squad full of that “f-ck you up”
definition of runamuk
rapid fire flow so maniacal, i know
but viable is how it go when sh-t is undeniable
better keep your distance from n-ggas tryna buy your soul

all im doin with these incantations come with no intentions for me to impress you
all i do is for my spirit only for without it i am but an empty vessel
we be lurking on a different level n-gga all you see is what this system lets you
every day be full of learning lessons
when you blessed many devils test you

i hit that l1ck for that ascap
i hit that l1ck for that ascap
yucca valley with the hazmat
n-gga call it cultivated cash back
pull a bunch of nug up out a trashbag
pack the pvc we finna blast it
thats how we strip all this shatter we flip
at the bottom its butane and thc drippin like

waterfalls, waterfalling
see 111 my god is calling
searchin for soul well i got it shorty
you want them racks? well i got em shorty
now that sh-t you snorted got yo wit distorted
they only hate cuz they can’t afford it
know that sucka sh-t will never get reloaded
two tabs on my lip how i spit so loaded