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kel9596 – r.i.p. ms. blue lyrics


kb i love you n-gg- rest in peace to ms. blue it’s a feeling you gotta feel it

they say your network is your net worth
so i built relationships and made some crazy flips
but it’s only the beginning i done got so used to winning
make the play complete the mission go reinvest the money
then go back in with the back end yeah go get them rackades like lil cuz say cause my mama always gone need a place to stay and my lil brother always gone want the brand new jays
so i hustle like it’s going out of style and i play it smart to keep from going on a trial i was living in the dark i ain’t have no smile then i started searching for the light kept it real with myself and found my purpose in this life now its time to put my n-gg-s on and show em what it’s like how to grow your money so you don’t owe no money we come from a check to check mentality never had no salary nine to five to survive but in reality that’s the sh-t that’s leading to your demise and you could see it if you opened your motherf-cking eyes and started investing your time into some sh-t that’s gone make it last fast plays fast cash it’s gone faster i’m tryna avoid disaster and show my n-gg-s where we could be after the rapture this sh-t ain’t happen by chance i’m not chance the rapper i ride with all my brothers from this chapter until the next chapter make sure we all eat make sure we all straight everybody got a plate everybody living great everybody keep it real none of my n-gg-s is fake

verse 2
i’m starting to realize how powerful my tongue is i speak sh-t into existence then make it happen with no resistance they like kel how you got so much faith but you ain’t got no religion i had to realign my spirit start making better decisions cause i didn’t wanna end up in a detention center fighting over soups and snickers with a bunch of ruthless n-gg-s f-cked up att-tudes who ain’t got sh-t to lose cause the judge ain’t approve that appeal now you stuck stuck and your baby mama somewhere getting f-cked f-cked this is the plight that most n-gg-s can relate to that’s why i’m so grateful for my freedom cause crackers be locking n-gg-s for no reason if you in the field then it’s open season that’s why i’m always on offense i’m never playing defense

rest in peace to ms. blue kb i love you
ratman i love you