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kelly price – the rain lyrics


“the rain”

it’s funny but i can’t laugh it’s so sad
but i can’t cry but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing left inside

i got some nasty scars to prove what i been through i guess it’s safe to say that i’m nothing like you

when your smile is your best kept secret when you smile they say girl just keep it desperate for change but things never change

so i d rather stand in the rain though its poring down on me but its washing all my pain away

the waters rising high it over takes my life lying saturated i am won’t let it drown me cause hope has got me floating behind the clouds a rain oh waits for me



away away away away pain away pain away away

pain is gone it’s raining because it’s raining on me draining my
pain away it’s raining washing my pain away washing my tears away

so i d rather stand in the rain