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kendrick lamar – keep it thoro (freestyle) lyrics


32 shots in this clip of this 34s
lill n-gg- want hot frustrated of being broke
while i was climbing to charts
penitentiary dancing the chance was a suicide,
pursue is kind of suice that love to eat on our trial,
n-gg- i got love for em, that’s why ain’t on angel dust,
that used to thug for em,
took me on my first mission, transition good kid,
turn rap and pay attention
this deeper than you think, right out at my mission,
it’s not the game, ask me by what it’s his name,
i brushed them off as the jokers, we washed em and get off..
music award fast ford, hold up for nominees
i was planning to win, he was planning to leave,
with all of his favourite accessories,
and once the big budget video had especially,
just a shadow in the dark, blending in with all my industry
with all my industry friends,
i’m guessing this is what the stores to begin
aha, look look
this be that sh-t to make them n-gg-s grab their d-ck
so b-tches rapping on their t-ts,
as if their fingers, monkey rich,
monkey see what monkey do, your monkeys never make no sense,
climb up that tree, sh-t on you, you’re paranoia
sh-t and bricks that can build the castle,
hustle when breaking your picky flix,
i know..that’s there exist,
clap you if you resist to cooperate,
go home and tell their daughters go ..
so you would ..if you wear bracelet
we want your risk, you won’t taste it from planet pluto
dark on it, you panic just like a puto.
we’re bout your culo the crudos, two dough,
we go el camino and two more civils with the white wars
whipe it from my..
we would f-ck what you..
take you from making pace with the..
that means some of you happen no,
i’m not the real cipher,
this is kendrick lamar, flex what you like bro