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keyzy keyzy – ruby red lyrics


my choice between my faith and the fame
was the hardest that i made
put trust in the man
or really try to go and get paid
get saved
like the money that was sitting in my bank
that i was pleading and grieving until the thoughts turned me insane

but the fame ain’t what i’m grieving
but the fans i’m receiving
just teaching homies how to lay back
and to fight all yo demons

i grab the mic to spit the situations that i’ve been facing
from suicidal contemplation to just dealing with racist

oh mama dada has to let the son go
cuz the world already know
that they child was ready born all in the gold
or indigo
not the color i ain’t talking bout violet
leave purple bruises on his followers when lyrics ignited

you gotta go threw the dirt to find the diamond
and do a little chipping and grinding to keep it shinning

you understand imma a dirt goon swimming threw dirt
and then i turned into a value when i put in the work

you say my verses kinda dark well let’s just look at the start
my music tells you different stories like the suns and the stars
my verbal patterns a reflection of what’s stuck in my heart
it’s not my fault y’all broke the mirror and tore it all apart

your heart just like the military higher power in levels
but you put keyzy at the bottom and the top is the devil

i got a craving for the money but i got to eat veggies
but i be looking like a gat-tholic with cruci-sticks ready
don’t put a roof above my head cuz how these people are living
the homeless folk all got it better cuz the sky is the limit

i caught a fever boy i’m hotter than thermometers saying
this fire never came from h-ll so y’all can all stop the praying

i pull up silencing the 9 just like the e in eleven
i guess the towers was my grinding and my goal was the heavens

a x on anything unknown so i can stay out the drama
what goes around gone come around but i ain’t believing karma
my life don’t stop this pain keeps running on like it ends in commas
these haters comments getting clogged i think we gone need a plumber

don’t you keep me from my goals
n when i’m banking you use me

cuz you gone loose me acting goofy n my screams give you cooties

if you gone shoot me come and shoot me cuz i know you gone bruise me

no reason signing for the season cuz you ain’t gonna choose me

i know this grinding is taking longer than a holly wood movie

i had a vision where the sky was red around me like rubies

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