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kid ink – hear them talk (freestyle) lyrics


hear them talk (freestyle)

yeah, uh, weed in the blunt, b-tch in my lap
i can hear them talk, we ain’t worried bout that, though (no)
no, you ain’t gotta front, had the time of your life
you know how that go, do it just how i like

[verse 1]
you know what it is on sight: alumni batgang; up all night
n-gg-s smell like p-ss-es, act like dyk-s
better watch yo hand cause i just might bite (uh)
beat up the beat
hook to the left, uppercut to the right
i’m the sh-t, better get a wet wipe
and cuff yo chick, lock down yo wife, now what?
shoe box money, i don’t need a bank
got a 9 millimeter, i don’t need a safe
b-tch it’s up and away, i don’t need a cape
but i’m ready for the rapture like anita baker
molly got my face turned
feeling like a bad boy right before mase turn
b-tch i’m goin’ in, cutting lines, i don’t wait turns
smoking on that kill bill, make her sign a waiver, then i give that ho the vapors


[verse 2]
i got a b-tch in the back, got a ho in the front
two at the same d-mn time, both rolling a blunt
their red eyes looking like that time of the month
said money talking and these motherf-ckers sound like monks
tell them, they ain’t saying much
up late, but it’s looking like lunch
i make in a week, in a month, in a day, what you motherf-ckers make in a lifetime
got your girl in my eyesight, and i’m all in her ipod
say, she see me on hotnewhiphop “you is a motherf-cking icon”

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