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kidd kakashi x – neversleep lyrics



yo, i‘m like, dead-ss always busy nowadays
it’s just not the same
(yuh) friends ain’t the same
n-gga they change

[verse 1]

(ayee) i’m in the booth, i let it go
i’m in the booth, losin control
out of my mind, smokin’ on dro
aye! i’m bout to blow, just so you know
smokin’ on gas, i’m dizzy (woah)
hop out the coup , jump in the show
i’m makin’ big moves and my neck froze
run up a check (yuh)
flex on my ex (woah)
she wanted s-x (nah)
i just wanted neck (dome)

i’m in the game to be the best
i ain’t gon’ quit ‘til i beat the rest
i ain’t gon’ quit until my death (hey)

[verse 2]

b-tch i’m a lyrical g*nius (aye)
rapping for me’s just convenient (hey)
yo lil b-tch tongue very pleasing (hey)
she juh wan swallow my s-m-n (aye)
i k!ll in the booth, i need treatment (wait)
my flow switch up like the seasons (hey)
sippin’ on wok, i be leanin (hey)
we ain’t even in the same region (wait)
stay in yo lane, i ain’t leavin’ (aye)
my diamonds shine bright like a beacon (wait)
if you don’t like me then stop peaking (hey)
i know all these goofies be tweakin’ (aye)
ima f-ck up the game and i mean it (aye)
ima f-ck up the game and i mean it



to be honest, they told me i’d never make it
but watch
how much you wanna bet
one day i’ll be at the top