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king missile – sensitive artist lyrics


sensitive artist
by john s hall
king missile (dog fly religion) _fluting on the hump_ shimmy disc 1987

i am a sensitive artist…

i am a sensitive artist.
n-body understands me because i am so deep.
in my work i make allusions to books that n-body else has read,
music that n-body else has heard,
and art that n-body else has seen.
i can’t help it
because i am so much more intelligent
and well-rounded
than everyone who surrounds me.

i stopped watching tv when i was six months old
because it was so boring and stupid
and started reading books
and going to recitals
and art galleries.
i don’t go to recitals anymore
because my hearing is too sensitive
and i don’t go to art galleries anymore
because there are people there
and i can’t deal with people
because they don’t understand me.

i stay home
reading books that are beneath me,
and working on my work,
which no one understands

i am sensitive…
i am a sensitive artist…