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king of nothing – carol and sullivan ii (summercamequikk) lyrics


[intro: sample, “emotions” by mariah carey]

[verse: king of nothing]
couple xans and a tramadol
couple plans that i’m calling off
couple fans said i’m falling off but its still a couple grand for the monologue
takin’, triple shots when my mood’s down
i trip a lot but i’m cool now
and if you not tryna lose out
you should come and hit the spot from your dude’s house
girl that’s only if you want you ain’t got to go
come in through the front i won’t lock the door
i could make you come but that’s optional
down to smoke a blunt and watch cosby show?
all my icons on the news and shit
live your life wrong and you lose it quick
there’ll be lies long as the truth exists
you know i used to spit
for my amusement
but now my favorite past time
is reliving past times
spit it mad prime
hit it like some bag wine
gotta ship i crash mine
lotta fish i catch mine
in the sea, memories when we flatlined
even if we had time, doubt it ever would have changed
when you’re up at half time, bound to never win the game
all that time we were together, we could never deal with pain
guess we figured it was better to write letters and complain, but
girl you act like you don’t f-ck with me no mo’
either that or its just what i can’t control but um
i ain’t havin’ this discussion in the cold
so grab your jacket and your clutch and we can roll
every time i hit it, tell me whose it is
let these other n-gg-s know i handle biz
i’ll remind you of the little things you missed
might not like you, but you really with the shits!
if you f-ckin’, spend the night with a n-gg-
if you love him, spend your life with a n-gg-
girl you know you lookin’ right in that get up
wake up for my flight, hit right when i get up
why you openin’ your eyes, its a stick up
should be openin’ your thighs for the lick up
while since we split up and i tried to forget ya
but i dial all your digits, get surprised when you pick up
big up to my women with they man whipped
ds on my b-tch and my transcript
lately i been caught up tryna manage
gotta 5th of vodka, i’ma handle it
asked to leave the party then we crashed that b-tch
fashionably tardy it was hashtag lit
ball too hard and disregard it like my cash that thick
when i buy the bar and charge it to my dad’s plastic
black katniss way i shoot the game
backpack stiched (with medusa face?)
tabbed acid to hallucinate
i had a bad bad trip and it screwed my day
rap mag pics tell me who’s your fave
scratch that list to include my name
track cl-ssics that’ll soon replace
all that whack -ss shit that you used to play

[outro: jean michel basquiat interview]