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king of the dot – a. ward vs pnut lyrics


[round 1: a. ward]
they said i was dying versus dna
my first response; y’all are very deceived
but i get it, i checked the polls and kept my chin up cause i ain’t scared to be me
but all that “grab the nose” the “two fives to your chest” is a style i can barely believe
even the heart is not beating me with that
so try if you want, i’m daring you p
but off the rip, let me address the fans that are still staring at me
prolly thinking to yourself, “son that’s wack”
well, see, p, our styles are a little different
and they gon’ look a lot more live when i (run that back!)
they said i was dying
first response, y’all are very deceived
i checked the pulse, kept my chin up, ain’t scared to be me
they grab the nose, two fives to the chest…
by now, y’all are aware of the scheme
when the heart is not beating-
look, i’m a breath of fresh air in this league!
let’s rap, party!
i can care less when this cat started
you fighting against a star, you not even the nicest in your squad
take me to your leader like matt hardy
don’t slack on me
they should’ve gave me the cash you got for conducting myself the way grownups do
‘ganik, you could’ve slid me p’s stash he owes from the last event, and some of those bucks too
’cause your king of the dot career against the wall, nut
aww, but you at home bruh? cool
well, be prepared ’cause every time they book me, i black out
i’m known for doing things you don’t show up to!
y’all chill, hold the clapping
y’all got me battling the syllable king known for spazzing
homie acting like he toting gattlings
a tec shoot, well i’m lex luger the total package
and i’m in l.a., shooting my shot with kobe p-ssion
my job commissioning a holy fashion
you just my side work, like rolling napkins
so when i say {speaks russian} forget multi rapping
i’m talking to oxxxymiron fans while i stomp you in the ground: that’s mult-tasking
i know at face value, i may not appear ghetto
but growing up, i seen the hand whipping in the kitchen before daredevil
no money, a lot of times, we literally had to pray for the food
for peace, i would’ve traded it all
that’s why i chose a different path like vocational schools
but you best believe, i seek freedom in god
but the punchline is ambitious, it’s known to reach for the stars
you and p-ss both from cali, well y’all can catch c’s from the bars
two-piece and i dodge, i lay ’em both out
awww, now they two p’s in a pod!
anybody that had me losing is clueless and illogical
i refuse to let rufus from kim possible think he’s doing the improbable
go ahead, spit your outta context bible multis, pretend that you way too better
welcome back, hopefully beating me makes you better

[round 1: pnut]
what’s poppin’, g?
they say you a good rapper but not to me, get chopped in three
from head to toe, that’s noggin’/knee
for knockin’ me? katana swing
that motion? sickness; dramamine
drama: mean
if i go snap, eyes roll back, drama queen, common theme
watch me cook; paula deen
palm the thing, llama beef, he’ll get the picture like texts, it’s called a meme
trauma scene, that’s exactly what i planned for you
that blood stain, amber hue
we after you the whole game, code name: camera crew
five people add ten pounds like camera’s do
clap at you, bring your b-tch we bamboo that’s panda food
ayo, ness! you’re the blackest dude
if there was a biopic for your fans to view
the director would use a black tarp as the cast for you
but back to you
i run up on him like- (that’s racist!)
it is racist
i run up on him like, “what’s poppin’ ward? i want a war.”
f-ck an arm and a leg! it’ll cost him more
pop a four, and drain his noodle: that’s a pasta pour
but you? i’m walkin’ toward
with a bat, man, i x men: comic store
i crop his core, the plan is simple, 30 and over like i’m mature
it pay to take me out like i’m a ch-r-
i for sure dropping his eye like his sight is sore
cause i came to k!ll asian steel, iron ore
i got a blade scratching on a’s side like vinyl stores
spinal cords get tore if he one on one
it’s c-mbersome, clip around the waist like a c-mberbund
you’ll go from rocking a jesus tee to being hung on one!
come on son, i’m built for this
f-ck three rounds: let’s go o.t., a
i don’t play in this game: that’s a ota
large chest, marquette like the old d. wade
do son harm, one arm: i’m obj!
so behave, or i met at opie’s way to k!ll the kid on my terms: that’s roe v. wade
listen, if you really got heart, show me, a
make me a believer, cause we need a breather
to k!ll you or k!ll you, i’m eager with either
i ether a preacher who’s weaker and weaker
they keep you around cause it’s cheaper to keep her
if i reach for a cleaver we speaking in beeper
cause i hit him on the hip and go deeper and deeper
til he bleeds from his femur
i let it sink in his caesar
i’m goin’ hard on a. ward
b-tch, leave it to beaver!

[round 2; a. ward]
reb-ttal game crazy
i did that cause avocado loves it when i say that
reb-ttal game crazy
and y’all can tell i’m not the kind of dude that be sparking with the steel
one arm like obj- you can do like him and get carted off the field!
i’m that nice
every match i leave it all out in the field
that’s why none of these vets get up here and start playing with me
and i didn’t bring a million pnut flips, i kept it to maybe fifty
cause if nut goes nuts, man i’m a different type of saynt
to me the name flips are too redundant, not an option
rock ’em, sock ’em
here’s a heads-up: you lose in the ring ’cause i move with punches
don’t toy with me, p
they said you nice
i don’t buy into the animal that you are
and the twist is i can drop the building outta nowhere: i’m not in kansas anymore!
but as far as the route to that chain, since the last time we was in canada with-
man, this real-life chiefs vs. raiders
i got the drive to be on a hunt out west
and he broke down looking at the manual for the carr
i’m that nice!
you are a slave to a style that is not appealing
and every battle rapper in here knows that we can do it just as well
we just understand that it’s got a ceiling
so p get to stepping before you receive a remedial lesson
three weekends of prepping and i still came eager to stretch him
this a eulogy and usually those are suppose to be for reflection
but i figure with me as the reverend
i took initiative and kinda tweaked the direction
i don’t need to reach for the piece when speech is the weapon
i’mma put him in a box like he been confessing all of his heathen obsessions
before the time he get to pick a hail mary like a deep interception
your style? i can only stomach it for awhile like brief indigestion
fox hound? we gon’ talk ’bout what you throw up like a bulimia session
please, i’m begging you please get to speaking aggressive
cause you don’ picked the wrong one like the recent election
if he get to flexing, i’m with all that
dunsh in talkback, i’m here to leave an impression
your cheek is affected, your peeps get the message
your body they rushin’ to: that’s a senior elective
they make it before the twelves: season eleven
they find p on the spine: the encyclopedia section
not conscious, people who agree with oppression
and under cupboards like a secret detective, mother-
i need to breathe for a second
oh my, that was almost a dizaster like gjonaj but jesus be the protection
you are basic!
i know you heard it before, i’m not the only messenger
but cali, your man kind of weak and y’all show the dude love like the foley wrestler
fresh coast? i came here looking for smoke on a higher level
and feel like y’all sold me regular
while i slide on him, no laces, upfront, co-pay ya
stick and move, joe fraiser
drop p; probation
how’s it a rookie move when i let aaron judge the right before the left swing like cody bellinger!?
i’m that nice!
like i said, three weeks’ notice
i ain’t mean to hurry the writtens y’all
but y’all still getting nine minutes of jimz/gems like a dirrty prediction blog
round two

[round 2: pnut]
aye for king of the dot, i hate they way they force your face
it’s like they overlook the poorest traits and compare porridge with a porter steak
but i get it, he’s hungry and dinner is what they orchestrate
but we don’t correlate
’cause i’m fire and got ice…so only me and cor’ relate!
we different
on a scale of ten, i’m over eight
you? settle for three like fourth and eight
you overate but still get fed even if you over eight
but not us, cause we asked for a meal and wonder where they store the plates
see your rise had a shorter wait
they ain’t wanna form you late so formulate
if ward’s on watch, storm the gates
it’s 7:59, we form at 8:00
in two circles like a form of 8
and give him everything that foreman ate
f-ck ward, he can’t beat me here or in sp-ce
i got a corpse in place
so get the worst of this exchange: that’s a foreign rate
but it’s your mistake
i wig on son, i’m norman bates!
til they force the breaks and leave bud at the bottom like you’re the shake
go ahead, support your faith
cause honestly, i don’t care who you pray to a
if you own the bible or read a page a day
but pray today cause you’ve folded to get fly: paper plane
it’s battle rap stupid, if you wanna increase the word this ain’t he way
so stay away cause you sold out to get here, you pay to play in a major way
you walking the same path satan paved
’cause you don’t give honor to god
you bootleg the colts like when peyton played!
we ain’t the same!
cause me? i’ll hop in the ring and fight y’all vets
a nice raw left will leave a. ward tore: a tribe called quest
you say i wouldn’t show? i defy those bets
do what i do best, and put you outta place, that’s a typo text
they say i owe ness
comp-ssion, but show less
the world against me despite those threats
at war with the galaxy: i’m an ios
i don’t stress cause this is where you night go left
blue caps, geico texts
i’ll run in his church and gravesite it
shoot the pastor if he don’t stay quiet then daylyt it
i draw on his face, if they riot, they all get a sh-ll, the same diet
then i finish with sister abigail: i’m bray wyatt
wrestling bars never get old!
aye, be happy it’s only three rounds cause i was down for writing more
you preach religion, but you fema victim
you get washed with a ninth ward

[round 3: a. ward]
all them forced multis and you react, it’s like y’all can throw a parade for the geek
“i’ll run in ya church”- let me know when you do cause i’ll save you a seat
third round’s supposed to be the closer, right?
well i’ma put my heart in it and have a ball like the new lakers
see i ain’t gonna lot on my mind, i got a few acres, move hater
you don’t know what you getting into with this box, i’ll loot crate ya
paul and silas, i put prayer behind the bars, expect room shakers
y’all ain’t catch that because that’s in act:16
but how are you 37 and act 16?
you collect pops, apparently nickelodean shirts and new vans
i collected trading cards, my mom collected food stamps
we didn’t have the newest shoes, never had the cool brands
fridge full of juicy juice, pantry full of soup cans
so keep it hip hop, don’t even do as much as shoulder rub me
all he’s been doing the whole battle
spit a million multi’s with no substance exposing nothing
not to mention you got the cult following; tony dungy
and y’all let the watered down diva stand on the bars? coyote ugly
well how can he
think he got more performance or style than me, it’s all fallacy
i switch it up for the crowd to see
a different pay grade, we’re talking hourly, the salary
bar after bar you took shots, getting wild g
but just cause you handled a bender don’t mean you can’t be hungover…a balcony!
they like, “whoa! why all the aggression ward?”
cause you look like the kid in high school that beat my tetris score
but if it’s a bond issue, we can settle it up
i’ll put a bounty on your head like president trump
in a city, my lines lead the numbers like measuring cups
but i’m even better in the hood like mello and lux, you disagree?
i’m too comfortable up here y’all. i am too comfortable
you disagree? unfollow me
you went dormant, i took advantage of your lead son, honestly
i bring up grand bars and hunger so the lead gon’ rock wit me
while you watch this new wave p-ss you before your eyes like beach front property
bro, you actually think a t-tle shot is something this league will extend you?
of course not, battle wise you’ve already reached your potential
your ceiling is here
i’m not gonna front and act like bar wise a lot of it’s trash
you will always be that flight and hotel room or a couple hundred dollars for gas
you lack it bro
the truth hurts, i could care less if y’all find this foul
you went from battler of the year to here, your hype went down
as far as number one contender, you and ‘ganik had a nice sit down
and you realized a lot of other people involved, well, well, well…who’s the side chick now?!
it’s ytg, so you know i gotta speak the facts
they want me to point out all the rebounds that blocked you in your recent past
-ssist and exposing party fouls, like, “who’s drink is that?”
i only got a couple minutes before my turn over and i ain’t keeping stats
it’s a. ward, i don’t care if you faith in battle rap is a bad look
every event, every city, every venue, i never get up here and act shook
that cat of nine tails, ripped flesh out my savior with gl-ss hooks
does he love you?
the answer was in his back like math books
look, i ain’t come here to get personal with you
just know, i brought enough bars to body you and any person that’s with-
shout out to my dude gully
man, this man right here knows how to coach a k!lla
so at gvg 2, somebody give me rone or chilla
a. ward let’s go

[round 3: pnut]
“he collect pops, i collect cards”, bro n-body cares
i’ll punch your upper deck cause you’ll never be top’ and you lacking the flair
you talking ’bout side chicks? let’s talk about yo’ girl
cause she don’t like you and she never has
she’ll probably p-ss on your epitaph
last night i was with your better half she blew/blue party she democrat
f-ck you man
see i can reb-ttal too

[a. ward]
no that was written


[a. ward]
that was written

no it wasn’t
see when it comes to this, you far from better
get scarred forever and get stomped out with more feet than a yard can measure
the plan is simple, put arms together
target centers, leave a on his chest, scarlet letters
see we fighting dawg, but ain’t a fight in dawg, his bark is better
cause he promo this and promo that
followed by a jesus piece, ’til i’m around his neck like a jesus piece
i’ll never say he’s a beast cause he acts religiously
-ss? delivery
that’s a fetus breach and we see through the cover like yeezus, sheesh
i’m cut throat, i need a sheet so he’s deceased
my band’s at his house, pete and pete and we can eat
so i pepper his grill, sh-t you can’t tell if he’s mesquite or he’s mystique

[a. ward]
i think she just followed me

not that the x-man dummy
that’s blue in the face, i’m miles ahead lose you, drew and the saints
put two in his bank than get a royal flush
that’s an all black suit using an ace, i’m losing my faith
in battle rap, cause when it comes to the chain
they say i’m no longer in line for squandering time
though i conquer and climb any offer -ssigned
i hop in the ring, rocking the thing; it’s clobbering time
lager and lime, my bars made a buzz that’s water to wine
then blackout happened and value went dollar to dime
but let’s ponder the crime
cause they say i no showed and that wasn’t true
they named pete the best battler, sh-t that wasn’t you
sh-t they ignored every vote from fans packed in the room
the minute that i had to cancel like, “we have to review”
actual news, your plaque needs an asterisk dude
they just found a better p-ss scheme and p-ssed it to you
but travis is cool
he tried to expose me at my expense but i can afford that
figured if i played by the rules i’d get my award back
and i got me a. ward back, it’s rorschach
cause no matter what, we gon’ see things differently
and now when they see me in the ring
you change how they view it like green screen imaging
but controversy sells, so i guess i gotta run with that
and it’s f-cking wack, stupid as a “run it back”
you take several things of the same category and scheme on it
like, “hey bro, they’re words.” they’re all relative great
but to get to the point is a h-ll of a wait
corinthian, core in thee end, i’m telling him straight
you just highlight the reach like a tale of the tape
see i ain’t trying to get personal with you but this is a personal issue
i k!ll you and any person that’s with you
i got a mac in the bag like any purse in the venue
i’m a hitman for hire, if i tell you my rates, the perks will offend you
put this perp’ on the menu and see how fast your church will avenge you
so go ahead, keep doing your heavenly schemes and i will never feel son
cause you’re nothing but the fake chilla and i would f-cking k!ll the real one
but shout out to the real fans
i don’t care if you can rap really good or hardly rap
and the next time tell god, tell him “party’s back!”