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king sol – like that lyrics


i did too much on the grind
you can’t even beat me like that, beat me like that
all i do is work all the time
you can’t even beat me like that
beat me like that, beat me like that
nah nah you can’t even beat me like that (woo!)
beat me like that, beat me like that
nah nah you can’t even beat me like that

[verse 1]
i’m a five star when i pull up
i just spit words like bullets
heavy with the sauce nah they can’t even pull us
yeah they like nah whatchu talking ’bout willis?
said it on the ‘gram i got two jobs, school, and the music
plus i got the flow imma use it
put me in the intertube i walk on water that mean i cruise it
wasn’t born with the motivation had to choose it
i had to make new rules for this game that i’m playing
only got one shot so i’m coming in slaying
yeah your clothes so fresh your t++th are decaying
you couldn’t even come close to the sk!ll i’m displaying
we doing big boy numbers off the laptop
you wanna play me beats but i’m like nah stop
see the future and it’s me with the mask off
so it’s 1 2 3, then i blast off


[verse 2]
everybody said no pain no gain
i knew that back in the day bumping nothing was the same
i knew that backing away that wouldn’t help me to grind
i knew that packing away that wouldn’t help me define
what my legacy is finna be (finna be!)
yeah i know they want a piece of me (yeah they do)
and i’m just tryna see the other side
see the future and my destiny
gotta pop it when i’m back forth they want me to rap more
you gon’ call me up for a feature thinking i’m past poor
but i’m banking lately that mean off the backboard
whatchu think i think that’s gonna make me cut you me slack for?
i’m some double up two records ahead
let’s finagle this bagel that mean i’m finna get this bread
all of this is off the head do not question what i said
you could sell out but i think imma stay the same instead ’cause


[verse 3]
i’m back with it, fully attack with it
why i got a rope well i’m cutting you slack with it
i’m just out here tryna get the opposite of suicide
they won’t tell me what it is but i know i’m too alive
a life like this? that would be too hard to fake
only time i rest is when i’m on a water break
they say my music ain’t popping that’s a starter take
all this music is really what i was born to make
a song like this? i could make continuations
no diss tracks but i make insinuations
need it right now i was never into waiting
that explains why all of this is for the taking
don’t stop don’t cop
i am never ever blowing up on tiktok
only tiktok i’m familiar with is kesha
wait, now it’s time to pull this all together let’s go