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kinko valentino aka lil kinko – clouds lyrics


(lil kinko)
ok i wake up early in the morning
and i stare at the mirror
a b-st-rd looks back at me and then he disappears
i’ve been holding on these past couple of years
i’ve been holding back all these f-cking tears

[verse 1]
(lil kinko)
couple years ago i wasn’t really sh-t
sake blew me up, now that’s a certified hit
got a comment, james said he needed me for a diss
so i hit him back up, i said “i got you on it”
back before i had a soundcloud
nathan, carlos, and i were out sparking that loud
getting lost in the clouds

[verse 2]
couple months ago i wasn’t sh-t
now every time someone see me
they say “wavy a b-tch”
man we blowing up
kinko, me, and jiggynoah
sit back, kickback, relax
while we pour up
i hide my feelings
deep down in my words
no need to be sad
man i ain’t f-cking with these girls
two months ago
i was searching for them pills
now i’m rapping trying to get a house up on the hills

[verse 3]
(lil kinko)
and pay my momma’s bills
yeah i paid the rent
the fake always forget
i keep a old dirty chopper
so you best protect your neck
yeah i’ve been a threat
kids acting hard over the internet
this ak split your adhd no need for ritalin
like a hole in one
tiger woods yeah i get it in
hard to swallow
like broken gl-ss mixed with cinnamon
i promise you i’ll let the semis clap
then i pop up on your radar like a f-cking mini map