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kitty – ​letcha go lyrics


hey, it’s been a couple of days since i’ve seen you
and i’ve been avoiding your street, i try to sneak through
the 20 phone calls i gave you the beat [?]
nah, you’re not coming over, you little creep, you
if you wanted to get laid, you’re allowed
i’ll hang around, and consume calories by the thousand
wow, then it gets redundant ’cause this is boring me
so go be a wh0re, but i don’t wanna see it
so if you could please refrain from tweeting
about every b+tch you wanna sink your t++th in
i can go off and finally start teasing
and pretend that i don’t even have a reason
to pray [?] and be me, you f+cking heathen
i knew you were chill, but d+mn, your heart’s freezing
you wear my little bieber like my little sister
but your cheeks will call your girl and tell her how you miss her

are you really gonna say you didn’t feel me?
and are you really acting like it’s gonna k!ll me?
nah, this was a triumph, it was a huge success
and the next boy won’t give a f+ck about my chest
the next boy isn’t gonna make fun of my little br++sts
and the next boy? maybe he’ll like the way i dress
the next boy is gonna clean up your f+cking mess
the next boy is gonna be better than all the rest
especially you, so please don’t bother calling the next time you come through
posting on your blog with a slashed wrist
say you’re feeling blue, i’ll put your number on the blacklist
so here, take your shirts back, i’m not tryna [?] that
what a b+tch, yeah, i heard that
i don’t care ’cause in a week you’ll see that she’s wack
and you’ll dial up my number like wow, i want my girl back