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ko (homerton) – behind barz lyrics


homerton, e9
link up tv, behind barz
shouts ctp on the beat

[verse 1]
if they arrest us, say nish to a fed, speaking to pigs is never a option
i put it on my life that i can’t snitch, that’s a cross on the blues like scotland
i still got sticks for ’em problems, stick one on your t like a sponsor
i’m still tryna touch these kids, no-nonsense, how could i change my content?
dem boys want smoke, then they shoulda went holland
how many times i had to stop and starch? tryna make that change and get it in constant
how many times we tryna block theirs cars? but they still escape, if not i’m responsive
this sh-ts hot, still hop out on opps, two nose on the dots, they bonding
i been through blocks, thats me and my mates, now it’s straight put pressure on ends
see the man then we setting it bait, change these plates so this whip blends
if they violate, we’re going back straight tryna test out their defence
if i’m hitting the 8, it’s blades and sprays or i’m going to buck my friends
they love all the socials, sayings or chattings, nuttin but vocals
pray and i feel like paris, the opps dem always been hopeful
i’m still tryna hit that mark in the field with the hammer like n0ble
at times gotta keep it live, still risking your life when there’s things just local
ever been so close but far and your wishing that it’s on deck
datch thats bro come like he can’t see no sense when it comes to the opps then he just sees red
ever gone fishing and ain’t need no net, t, weightlifting, ain’t need no reps
weeks in the t, man run through pebs, ain’t seen no bread ’cause of high expense
a few to a kat for the runs and a set for a kat as rent
spoke to my n-gga, hopes i’m making hits cah we needs gigs bro, like spen’
ever been opp block and then bucked your friend, if you hear that he’s there
more time ten kats run for the meals no tread
no ticks cah i don’t wanna deal with debts
i go riding with heat, that’s one way to deal with death
show violence in streets, that’s one way to deal with threats
cold silent don’t speak, that’s one way to deal with feds
won’t find me when we beat, that’s one way to deal with skets
they say k you can rap, the wordplays mad, you can make it big here, no afro
good with the puns, if i’m talking bars, every one need a wheel, no barrow
beef in the streets, bring smoke to your show, we ain’t try bun shallow
i still serve up on the back road, kicking them dots like it’s astro
if they arrest us, say nisch to a fed, i got nuttin’ to say to the old bill
not a thing gets said, rather sit in the pen with a bowl of oatmeal
anytime i’ve seen them, they sped, loves a big shaq, i should call him o’neal
anytime i leave it in z’s, the bread gets sent, i just love an old deal
i still bake qway doing up old deals, my head strong if i’m ever in ordeals, go over there show my corn feels
i pick up that stick, go on to a 4 wheels, when the tings bam-bam, don’t watch it’s real
step with steel, different traces, you can get cheffed or peeled
homerton 9, we ’bout cream like baileys
still get ’round sides, ben davies
it come like most of the gang been having them thoughts to ride lots lately
step out to the tings off safety
a man try pop corn but you’re down the road tryna get wavey

behind barz
this sh-ts ments out october 26th
fumez the engineer