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ko (uk) – 9er ting lyrics


[intro: unknown t & ko]
more time it’s a niner ting
this sh-t’s mence
homerton b

[verse 1: unknown t]
summertime gets cold like winter
and when gyal take wood from the back she can feel this splinter
for this d she can ride like digga
bro tried to glide in an o-shaped dinger
don’t run if you see dat chinger
cah i can hear shakes in the back of my head
like bruck up this n-gg-
don’t beef or just run from this trigger
if i trap and slang up them baggies
bandits look happy
phone up trapo you way too trappy
slap it in cabbies or make that dunga in alleys
in the studio smoking on cali
what’s this bruce lee ting you call ammi
f-ck-off sammy, ride out to london fields with a bally

[verse 2: ko]
i’m still tryna do it in [?] with the [?]
i’m still tryna do it like shegz
two flicks in my hand; let’s see who bleeds (let’s bet!)
back dem blades, put a dagger in them like the heath
we come with shanks, they breeze
the bells for the waps gon’ show man speed
9-gang we ain’t squashing beef
you’re all involved
one way this ting gets solved
that’s exit holes, cheffed or smoked
either all won’t make it home
nuff time shoot and i hid that post
reckon i’ll be better now like malone
any time that we step, no phones
and if we’re under arrest then it’s coz’
9 zone; can’t run through here like a cold

[verse 3: unknown t]
ot blinging, man up and get that bread
the beef gets hot round here
watch the rambo drop to my leg
cah i got beef with grown–ss men (all of them!)
you can talk on snap and provoke
one wrong move and you will get poked
deadpool mask make ’em run like bolt
and this beef is real, it ain’t a joke
more time we don’t stunt on tracks
oh sh-t, what happened to asc?
oh sh-t, what happened to ka?
we don’t talk, bro go do the maths
i can see evolution on road
we used to be bros, now he’s involved
he’s on man, but dis one’s timid; i’m still on both

[verse 4: ko x unknown t]
i’m still on both, that’s either
when this ting sneeze you can get more than a flu or fever
catch this shot like a keeper
act wrong, you can feel this beater
beg man try cut thru the nine, hold that ching to the neck, make him scream like bieber

[verse 5: ko]
big man try cut thru the bits, get your car smashed or jacked like [?]
had to walk home with his b-tch
we were on slip that day, no shivs in the whip
i’m in the back behind tints, i’m baked
parked up in the opp estate
waiting for a paigan to p-ss this way
grip last trip, now bro wants to test his aim
one blast this gauge
i do it for the guy’s that’s p-ssed away
dem boys gotta feel my pain
free all my mates and the opps that’s caged
get a ’round broad day for the squad
me, wavey, mazza and dach;
man do it in 4’s like quad
this mop ain’t sneezing snot

[verse 6: unknown t]
let’s go upsuh and provide that bulk
f-ck, the pack look thicker than oak
gyal know me, i’m the man on road
good gyal but for me she’s a hoe
good gyal but for me she’s a hoe
flip the pack of the weed with the snow
hit a rack and i’m splitting with bro
then back to the quid on the low
look, ten toe skidding in fours
rambo swing tryna ching with force
he got cheffed tryna child-work wars
gang soon gonna turn man corpse
swing them shanks but we swing them too
you know ’bout the 9er crew
counter-attacking, of-course we do
pull up on [?] like peek-a-boo

[verse 7: ko]
step with mates
if bait, change plates
so the jakes don’t find this car
slap this wap, tryna wreck his chest
bath in pet then i find my yard
yutes on half, you bruck and they cut
all now they can’t find no heart
young g wan’ make p so he’s gone ot
i just helped him find his graft
and that girl dead, she got no breast
she’s h-tting the gym tryna find her -ss
k and i trap, weed or crack
a-to-b i’m tryna find my cl-ss
i take two pulls and there’s smoke
give it to bro, that’s puff-puff-p-ss
roll up and bun, straight in that bud when the ting gets r-ssed