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kobanoshi – lonelynightsinaroom1996 lyrics


(verse 1)
i see these p-ssies tryin mess with the kid
you better quit
i am the f-cking king
f-ck all of that bo sh-t


bo is lyin 6 feet under this earth
if i recall we said goodbye
as we laid down the f-ckin dirt
no i don’t miss him his time was from 98
all the way to 2019
i put a bullet in his dome an i did it for me
if you don’t like what i say
then why do you even listen to me
is it because i found a way to p-ss all of you off
or is because i just don’t give a f-ck
don’t try to change who the f-ck i am
i will never work i’m screaming
f-ck you to all your

i am
the angel of death

lie here
an just take a rest

i promise you
nina will end all the stress

i am
the angel of death