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kong – die (gorilla warfare version) lyrics


kong ft. monsta island czars (ft. megalon, egyptian queen, king cesar, spiega, loch ness, and kong) – “die (gorilla warfare version)”
[emcee(s): megalon, egyptian queen, king cesar, spiega, loch ness, and kong]
[producer(s): x-ray da mindbenda]

[verse 1: megalon]
.38 take ‘em down—let me see you shake
bounce, nervous breakdowns, shakedown, earth-
-quakes break the crown, fake smiles make the snakes drown
give ‘em bait then vacate the town with a trey pound
what type of things should i say now? this ain’t a play-
-ground—people get sprayed and laid down. these
days, you got to be brave to stay around, or be in the grave
with the same frown—see what i’m saying now?
don’t even play around, don’t even say a noun. i was
lost, but now i’m found. the underground sound could put a n-gg-
underground, lighting, thunder the same sound. every
time i come around, the b-ms around, so who’s running now?
i’ll run a mile when i run my mouth ‘til allah truth
i’m coming south, playing james brown on a greyhound
ready to bust, gun in your mouth bang
your brains out, bang your brains out

[verse 2: egyptian queen]
descendant of slaves demented by rage, it never pays
for days in a cage, your criminals ways f-ck thugs
tuck slugs official with the violent tissue and kiss you
my issue’s neurotic, simply psychotic
my kind of mind of rhyme is logic, refuse
to cry, i’m not you, i choose to die. it takes rules to lie
egyptian queen a sickening fiend for chips
and cream, i spit serene, spend days in a
daze of purple haze, a circle maze, praised
in many ways, f-ck you in general. subliminal
criminal rap industry, lyrical ministry, shady
ent-ty ending me, n-gg-s is enemies. i’m a remedy
for cess craving, sent by wes craven to keep
hating. debating my life, i’m waiting—f-ck mating and
relating. i’m taking over nations like malaysian haitians
a mad creation that loves masturbation, never
change, forever reign through whatever came. the tunnel
mind of rhyme never dies, my lives will forever rise

[verse 3: king cesar]
don’t make me come after you and smack you with a hatchet, put your
b-lls up in a rachet, sn-tch it off then reattach it
deadly like aids and you can catch it, so don’t
make me have to cut you like my record when i scratch it
fully animated with ammo that’s integrated
p-ssages laminated. kong? he’s the most hated
gorilla thug, but he still show the monstas and
skrilla love, we’re coming off like michael jackson’s thriller glove
you know what this is, so stop acting
that’s why you got smacked and pistol-whipped with the mac-10
for misconstruing fact then, had to
go through mf doom and that big n-gg- black ben

[hook: kong] (x2)
die, motherf-cker, die, motherf-cker, die
die, motherf-cker, die, motherf-cker, die
die, motherf-cker, die, motherf-cker, die. if it’s
do-or-die, n-gg-. die, n-gg-, shots flying, n-gg-

[verse 4: spiega]
the time
is mine said the lord while i was easing my mind
freezing the time, seizing my spine, deep in the mind seeking for
rhymes. i cannot plead like i’m reaching for 9’s. he asked
“you’re having trouble leading the blind? get my sheep
picture me making you for nothing—you’re bugging, and stop fronting
replaced your heart with the glow of the ark—now pop something. you got
nothing unless i give it: your food, your job
your kid. your life is a riddle, i pulled you after the middle
catch it before it miss you, fast as a missile, tattoo it
across your chest if you have to, my nizzle, handle your business
murderous ways lead to riches, but x that
grimy in the gr-ss stay in the mud—never forget that”

[verse 5: loch ness]
what’s this all about? some n-gg-s quick to dig it out
when my skirt lift, n-gg-, i’ll really p-ss in your mouth
now, turn it up around, stick it out, metal d-cks move through
bounce, fleas on a pimp like, “where that bugged b-tch?”
on the prowl. y’all bl–dy -sshole cats waking up, wondering
“how?” should have thought before you said that. a guinness stout
my hand-to-hands brawl got you done off now
b-tches ran off, unfound, to the land of the lost
so many styles went foul. silence, my child
getting dirt around ‘til the fort down, don’t murder my uncles
the f-ck you think i thought about y’all? my ar-
-tifacts from back heart attacks, so pardon that, black
leave you where you started at, bust through your starter cap. this type
of chick blacks ‘til i’m blue, wake up like, “who’s
who?” eyes-closed tactics—son, don’t worry, i see you
b–bytraps to lead to more facts, snap that acting b-tch

[verse 6: kong]
f-ck it
time’s up. watch the meters, sitting on bleachers with jesus
he tried to reach us and teach us, spoken thesis of preachers
he reads the pieces of peaces, watch for the leeches on beaches
being held by son, daughters, nephews, and nieces
the preachers who try to cheat us with devilish features get deep
as beavers, nickel bags of reefers and sneakers
brave face of cesar, pint, quarts to liters. try to
run with the leaders, burning breathers. delinquents, we’re never squeezing
the reason to season? watch for the czars coming through
with the heaters on some do-or-die. die, n-gg-s, believe us