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kool keith – maracula lyrics


maracula stackura
he was ridin through the bronx
i heard they took his acura

[verse 1:]
they call me walksick peace god with the limp
i burn incense and light the natural hemp
temptation to check my temp
your chick like the b-lls through the rim
large producers they call me timberland
my ride hard with jet sent with ten cent
[?]…to the end of the bill
i’m the jaguar now, used to play for [?]
the east route freaked out
she brought [?], costumes and hollywood
she asked how donny doing down there
i said donny’s good
and the family and all that
i heard the thugs got a team coming up that they goin wack
i’m walking up with the heat
the baby start off looking like count drac’
the way you rage you thought my hair was black
your diamond and cherry keep with uncle leron sack
look at the junk he come with
hey jimmy i got you a tv for al fifi


[verse 2:]
this the very man
write history with any hand
so feel the rush when i touch the relity
and the g i get from the slums
essentially the reason you remember me
it’s the bronx till they finish me
if i fall off then put me out my misery
third di wheelers, brooklyn marrows
my words guerillas, just look the hardest
hahahaha… we international icons
slay pythons with venom from my right arm
it’s red apples 45
catch me in the basement
my soul is the payslip
yeah and until the turn off my vision
i can never be broken by the system
runaway slave, guess you ain’t listenin’
it’s the voice from the corners in the prison



[various dub samples to fade out]