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krill – unbounded nameless future lyrics


about six months ago
i went into my calendar
and i planned
the rest of my life

i only got two months in
and beyond that i just wrote
“unbounded nameless future”

now we have arrived
in unbounded nameless future
and how could who you are
not be bound up in who you were?

about three days ago
i flipped all the way to the end
and i thought:
“what then?”

that’s just where i got tired of
writing those three dumb words out
good bye, mouth

now i have arrived
in unbounded nameless future
and who could my blue heart
not be totally bound up in your hair

a dead deer
eyes steve from
the side of the road
and roadk!ll
knows more than
steve’ll ever know
and somehow
a dog walks
from mountains and gin
and sometimes
how i wish
i were part of him

to be his tail, wagging
to be his tongue, lolling
to be his mouth, waiting
for meat, salivating

he sticks his snout into the carc-ss
and sinks his tooth into flesh
deer can’t scream so she just hardens
her heart and begs the dog to take what’s left

“take what’s left!”