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kwest tha madd lad – disnexone lyrics


yeah.. crazy ol’ smooth sh-t
goin out to all the n-ggas that be baggin up the skins
straight up pimpin, ain’t no time for simpin
to the real n-ggas, all my peeps in queens brooklyn uptown
bronx there it is

yo, me and my n-ggas bounce around in the jeep
lookin for a spot to peep where the freaks is real deep
2000’s kinda hittin, 20 beans we up in it
hold up – wait a minute!
hookers wall to wall, small to tall, from slim to mad (?)
dead -ss, every man for self
this first tip i spotted, sittin at the bar was a hot one
let me ask a question bout your man shorty, you got one?
not one, but two, matter of fact black a few
but there’s room for you – now sh-t is through
disnexone was mad fat, even her wrists was clumpin
she kept tailin me like i was a twinkie or somethin
to make sure, oprah wouldn’t follow me no more
aiyyo b-tch, there’s free food at the do’
i stepped to disnexone, she was pumpin with a trunk full of junk
rump was pumpin but her breath smelled like a garbage dump
ewww! opened her grill, to give me a reply and
.. oh my god i just wanna die! ..
bounced to the nexone, now shorty was lookin real cute
karl kani suit, baseball cap, and high tech boots
dancin her -ss off, so i starts to get open
people scopin, i guess that we look real real dope an’
she says i’m cute, we shoot breeze for a bit
i got the digits i’m ghost, nuttin to it
went upstairs and d-mn, disnexone was irie
doin the b-tterfly to the rub-a-dub stylee
i was all set to knab her, grab her
when she turned around oh sh-t, she looked like shabba
goes to the nexone, but only cause she was mad pretty
on the real she was down with the itty bitty t-ttie committee
-ss was flat, combo wasn’t alla that
so i left that heffer sittin where she sat
disnexone grabbed me, let’s go dance somewhere money
got in the light, yikes, “strobelite honey!”
now disnexone was a friend, from around the way
hangin with this cute thick white girl, “f-ckin a!”
so i like, started talking language, she couldn’t understand
and oh my god! i got her number, totally awesome man
slid on the nexone, like did you know that youse a dime baby
she tipped her gl-sses and looked at me, like i was crazy
turned around and tried to play me, that bullsh-t don’t faze me
threw my drink on that b-tch and i’m swayze
just then some boom smokin music came on
went to the bathroom and like the human torch, flame on..

{-sounds of a joint being inhaled-}
yeah, smoke this sh-t, and get back out here
see what else out there {-coughing-}

walked to disnexone, aiyyo would you look at this b-tch?
lookin white in her tight spandex suit, (?) lipstick
l!cked my lips, thinkin bout how i was gonna stick her
“yo kwest, parlay kid, that’s a n-gga” (ahhhhhhhh!)
huh, disnexone was jockin, so i let my man keep walkin
but i couldn’t get with the ill sh-t she was talkin
“i want someone to love me and my kid
til my man’s done with his bid”
yo, now you know i fled!
ran up on this p.r. mami, “que lindo, hay dios mio!”
du ju got time to conversate with me baby and chicos?
“si papi!” so we sit and do the knowledge
bag her then i’m out like speedy gonzalez, vrrooom!
disnexone, tried to pull the card on a mister
“hold up n-gga, didn’t you just try to kick it to my sister?”
yeah b-tch but now i’m tryin to kick it to you, but f-ck it
both of y’all -ss out then like my man i’m through
disnexone was busted beyond belief
had seventeen.. won’t even speak on that sh-t chief
disnexone kicked the blahzay blah, cute little hoochie
til she violated, askin me did i eat the f-ckin coochie?
no (?) didn’t even fall away from me, n0body real, word is bond
like cheers, i’m gone
now, d-mn, really can’t describe disnexone
cause she walked past, dead–ss, my whole body flexed son
hon’s a 20, twice as nice as bo derek was
shot an upside down frown, boom! there it was
brown skin milky body voice like slow music
the kind of miss that you couldn’t use or abuse kid
shot more game, than a hunter on safari in africa
gave me the digits, said i better get back to her
it’s about, 3:30 in the a.m
had bagged a lot of dames, most of the names, couldn’t even say ’em
blasted out my -ss, and hungry as h-ll
tomorrow night i hope i do just as well, lookin fo’ dat nexone

yeah.. props to erik romero for the fat -ss track
definitely hooked sh-t up
now, to all my peoples

n-ggas in queens, lookin for the nexone
uptown n-ggas, be lookin for the nexone
brooklyn n-ggas they lookin for the nexone
bronx n-ggas is lookin for the nexone
staten island n-ggas lookin for the nexone
west coast n-ggas is lookin for the nexone
all around the world they lookin for that nexone
aiyyo, f-ck this, let’s get done

yeah, big kwest comin at ya
i’m not gon’ say peace cause we ain’t gonna get it
but if you got a piece of -ss, dead -ss
i’m d-mn sure with it to hit it, split it
and if you try to front on me i might forget it
i’m outta here