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kafani – thizzin lyrics


haha, you mother f-ckers look f-cked up now, haha.
you got your boys down south man, in the atl man.
i’d a hooked up with my boy dj montay man.

-bunch of random sh-t back and forth between rappers-


i’m thizzin’, i’m gone, off that motherf-ckin’ bottle patron.
i’m high, so high, feelin’ good make me touch the sky.

i’m feeling good n-gg- don’t f-ck with me. (x4)

—-refrain 1—-

i’m in the club, feeling real good,
100 n-gg-s whipped, throwin up they hood.
stay poppin bottles, stay f-ckin models.
purp came in the club, yea thats my moto.

man i’m rollin, man i’m gone, say:
“mix that pineapple with that patron”
ice around my neck, you know i stay flossin’
need a bad b-tch, give her two blue dolphins.

d-mn she swimmin’,?, back seat of the hemi,
so im about to f-ck, get some head with the seat layed back,
feelin’ real good like im in a maybach. maserati coupe, s600,
off a triple stack and you know i stay blunted,
n-gg-s stay stuntin’ driving real fast, 80 on the freeway,
shake in the dash.


—refrain 2—

i’m a married man, party hood rich, 9mm pimp thats a good b-tch.
finger f-ck the hoe, make her bust a nut
the crowd ? ? scatter when i touch her ? and cut.
i’m so high, feelin real good, riding 26’s n-gg- feelin’ real hood.
365, 24/7 hustlin’ never stop like 7/11
cr-p on the dice, livin’ that life, 13-5 got a chip on the white,
n-gg- got it hard, n-gg- got it soft,
king of the bay i’m a motherf-ckin’ boss.
purp in my lungs, pill in my system,
hits me so hard everytime it in my system,
can he pop one? can he pop two?
superman, nike, dolphin, color blue.

—-chorus—- (x2)

- kafani lyrics

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