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kane able – tryin’ 2 have sumthin’ lyrics

[ master p]

check this out twin, wanna hit me on a beeper
when ya’ll ready for that n-gg-, i got.

huh n-gg- what? (you be coughing this sh-t up)
i’m just a n-gg- in the dope game
tryin’ to move cocaine
herion and weed
and a young n-gg- tryin’ to have thangs


huh n-gg- what?
i’m just a n-gg- in the dope game
tryin’ to move cocaine
herion and weed
and a young n-gg- tryin’ to have thangs


who was the first of the brothers
who said no bottle, because a
they crossed a bird
had to get his hustle on with rocks and herbs
from the curb, i observe
making tunes, i would be getting benz and jewels
you n-gg-s give me room
before i bring a lots of doom
i be soon to wearing time
17 and getting heavy
seven fingers like off to find the relly
oh my felly, my belly
full of fast food
’cause i know that cash rules my life
to like as twice as the nights
i’m living, try my life
fully rusted, is a chance to get a cop busted
but i stick em’ and break it off
so the rest won’t test me
luckily, never sticking my business
til’ these hoes, and i give my friends living tears
like my department store, c’mon

(chorus- 2x)

picture me and fiend chopping up a half a key
twenty-b-tches you asked for them, 2-52 for me
i’m bout to get into thuggin’, muggin’
yeah this o.p. chuggin’
you can find me in the hood
tryin’ to slang something
i serve a million fiends
for million dollar dreams
b.b.s. stretch lex, b-tch i’m bout my cream
thunder weed and s-x
more crack than cracker jack
silkk, 100-dollar, tens
please tell my friend he be right back
they say we hold it down
like we paralized from the neck down
slang from sun down to sun down
smoking a pound


(m.p.- uhhh n-gg- this a m-th-f-ckin’ 211
don’t make it into a 1-80-7 you heard)

[ kane and abel ]

this a kidnapp, don’t make it a killing
put a game til’ the game’s over
soldier, ready and willing, i be letting dissing
to get paid with a gyps of ak’s
if you looking for revenge, better dig two graves
playa, time to drop some game with the ballers
20 a grams, oz’s, to a b-lls to quaves
my hustle never stop, uh
block to block, like a n-gg- sittin’ on three keys
till a rock to rock c’mon


[ master p ]

kane and abel, fiend, master p
it ain’t no limit n-gg-
clean your dirty money out to good money
you heard, tryin’ to have a thang
from the motherf-cking streets to the world
real n-gg-s take heat, bout it, bout it, rowdy, rowdy

- kane able lyrics

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