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katinas – the circle lyrics


sing me a song of love and joy
peace and happiness
try to be strong enough to stand
this world’s test

it won’t take long and in return
i’ll do my best to see
that it gets spread all around

i’ve been searching high, looking low
been wondering
what would be the better road
should i have to hoe

and every now
and then when i’m feeling free
it occurs to me
ain’t this why we all came to be

spread love round
with this message we could
rain joy down and the world would see
how to spread love round, round, and round

sing thee now this song
and let it tell your story
sing now this song
and let it set you, should free

let love be your lyric
and peace be your melody
this is why we all came to be
come and go with me

will the circle be unbroken
by and by lord
there’s a better home yet awaiting
in the sky

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