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kaylee rutland – pick me up lyrics


i’ve been working all week long and i can’t wait for friday
another cup of coffee ain’t gonna do the trick this time
i’ve been checking my phone and staring at the big clock, tick tock
i wanna leave this all behind
let me tell you what i got in mind

fishing in the dark, tearing up the town
i know a place to park where we can get down
doesn’t really mater what we do to shake off them blues
yeah i’ll pick the place and i’ll pick the time
it’s the perfect day to party all night
baby all i need is you to
pick me up, up, up
pick me up, up
only you can
pick me up, up, up

like the silver lining behind every dark cloud, there’s no doubt about it
you’re the spark that lights up the fire and sets me free
we’ll be on a natural high, automatic, magic
anywhere we wanna be
i don’t care as long as you’re with me

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