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kelechi – it’s alright lyrics


they say kelechi, you’ve been quiet homie
i said stop preaching’ to the choir on me
it’s a good year that i been riding’ i’m surprised i’m never tired homie
i’m well groomed all i’m missing is a bride on me
pen mighty as any sword is
fight when i be recordin’
hooks is precise they bite to catch catfish i’m eating swordfish
stndrd army, ukan not a captain to go to war with
begged us to pay atttention, we was broke, couldn’t afford it
my momma prays over me when i leave the house
for every unholy thing that’s around me to be denounced
rebelliousness in me she tried her hardest to beat it out
used to say there was something about her son. i believer her now

hey momma, i’ll be gone for the night
it’s on for the night
make sure you keep the light on
it’s alright x6
cause when you get that change in your life
it’s changing your life
but don’t you get your rights wrong
it’s alright x6

[verse 2]
no we don’t chase hoes or liquor no more
we used to hit’em and quit’em
d-ck’em like richard and switch’em
i’m no angel
but i got demons h-tting’ the road
cheer up and get rid of the blues like i ain’t crippin’ no more
i don’t fit in no mold
make a grip without flipping no dope
pepsi started cuttin’ my checks so i ain’t sippin’ no c-ke
cold as skinny dipping’ in the six make you shiver no coat
my vision so broke
swear i don’t see no limits no more
percy miller, verse a killer
mercy lord, i’m delivered
momma said don’t be a be a n-gg-
i grew up to be that be that n-gg-
every verse like cmt
ain’t no way you’ll see a see a n-gg-
bullet holes, pullin’ hoes
treat’em like you treat a triger
say ya grace
benji’s in my pocket tryna save face
money root of all evil couldn’t even save mase
how its naggers losing pounds but they stay the same weight?
tell they momma they say


[verse 3]
i won’t be gone for long
i’m tryna put us on
you know it’s for the family
you ain’t gone’ be alone
cause morning ain’t that far away
i just gotta paper chase
if you wait a little longer i’mma give you the world
313 to my city, i’m on top of the world
believe me when i say it we gone’ bond off this word
i’mma call you when i’m coming home

[chorus x3]

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