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keller williams – dear emily lyrics


i can’t drink without getting a headache
i can’t dream without going to sleep
i can’t smoke without a bunch of coughin’
i can’t sow without the reap

i can’t deal without a shuffle
i can’t play without a pick
i can’t write without inspiration
like a lump of wax without a wick

i can’t drive without loud music
i can’t dance without a beat
i can’t ask why without a forehead wrinkle
i cannot wake up without taking a leak

i can’t be active without my breakfast
i cannot live without guitar
i cannot sleep with my clothes on
can’t make a living without the bars
oh those wonderful bars
god bless the bars

but i can love and i can laugh
i can always p-ss drama
always fail math
i can go three days without a bath
but i’ll never be whole without my better half
i can go a whole week without a bath
but i can’t be whole without my better half
my better half

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