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kelowww – mind of adolescence lyrics

i was young, foolished
and still at that age
i gave my life color, even though its kinda beige
young foolished, small n-gg-
5’6 in my height
but i got the heart of a tall n-gg-
always wanted more, never settle
16 years in my life & i only one 3 medals
yeah that’s bad, but i ain’t here for your sorrow at all
i know some 6’5 b-ms like let me borrow your tall
see what i can do with it
riding through the h
this feeling so great
smell that houston air
we can be our own state
looking for a scene to be seen
squad getting lit, you know we be grooving
lets h-t up main event, or lets see a movie
or lets rob a n-gg-, catch a n-gg- slipping
man i don’t want to do it cause my t lady be tripping
and i don’t want to go to jail, type to never fit in
they was making cliques
i ain’t want to get in
they was good with the chicks, i was mad bro
like will my crush like me if i, if i wore my pants low
or will she like me if i cheated on her, if i beated on her
will she like me then?
f her then mess with her friend
i ain’t want to talk to her, but we all change of plans
she said wait for me, you know how long imma stand?
i said f it, man this girl tripping
go chill with my n-gg-s, cause them boys be tripping
they gone stunt, they gone kick it, like a punt
my n-gg- dabbed me up, and he told me hit the blunt
and i ain’t never smoked before, starting smoking
hit it once and starting choking
like n-gg- where you get this from?
my n-gg- where you get this from?
and i ain’t never been high before
my mama gone kill me
and i never died before
trynna stay up
even though my eyes low
that’s that affect when you blow
talking with my tongue like i got list
thinking why i did this
thinking why i took this risk
hoping that she won’t be mad
hoping she won’t check my p-ss
hoping she open up her hand
and don’t hit me with a fist
she never hit me with fist
but its a first time for everything
yeah, it’s a first time for everything
peace, love, happiness
is what heaven brings
yeah, yeah
seem like you can’t put n-gg-s on
cause they don’t rap with their tongue
get back with they tongue
and then when you confront them
the cat got they tongue
she looks at me like i’m a devil
i see the pain in her eyes
she looks at me like i’m a rebel
i want to say i’m sorry but its really not

- kelowww lyrics

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