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kennway tha don – bananaclipz lyrics

h-llo? what?! oh wonderful, how’d that happen to you?
i mean how’d you tiff’s number?
alright tell her i won’t puke in the car this time (laughs)
(coughing) what the f-ck..
you going with the goungo?
have we situated this?
i don’t know
you gon’ drive?
i might not have a car
then go with the goungo
(song fades in)

(hook 1)
(i got hoes, h-lla hoes)
banana clip on my hip, boy don’t catch me
i might trip
hit the switch, 40 click
ba-na-nana-clip on the hip
don’t catch me boy, sh-t might switch
its about the get real raw in this sh-t
smokin’ dope, h-lla dope
with the sh-ts
i’m off the tookah
off the loud pack , that’s loud pvck
chicago bulls loud pack, that’s loud pvck
in the front of the car, going real far
banana clip on the hip, don’t f-ck with me n-gg-
smokin’ dope in the f-cking whip
kenny, juan in this b-tch, we f-ckin h-lla sh-t
makin money, spending bands
getting all them tips
got the flyest sh-t on the f-ckin whip b-tch

(verse 1)
n-gg-s talking money, n-gg-s talk banana clip
that’s an 8 piece right to the f-ckin neck
and a couple rounds left, if lil homie want it
he gon see me catch a body imma run up on him
couple zips, couple zips, i got a couple licks
flip em quick, i went from ounces to a f-ckin brick
and now my n-gg-s in the car
and we rap
and you n-gg-s is laughin until you see something happen
my n-gg-s gonna be rich
we ridin rari’s and sh-t
my n-gg-s run on your clique
we spittin fari’s and sh-t
and we ain’t worried bout a goon n-gg-
whatchu gon do n-gg-?
i’m with a bunch of baboons n-gg-

(verse 2)
uh, got the 40 on the hip boy
don’t f-ck with me, pull it out quick boy
bust it at your face, you ain’t talkin sh-t boy
we just go, with the flow
this the sh-t boy
banana clips on the hip, that’s a fruit salad
fruit basket, you n-gg-s are fruit salad
clap you up, turn you into swiss cheese
you n-gg-s ain’t nothing but some peas

banana clip, banana clip, on my hip
banana clip, banana clip, on my hip
banana clip, banana clip, on my hip
(got one on my right side, on my left side)
(we going ape on em)

(verse 3)
banana clip, my n-gg-s
we got shenanigans
and we got anything you need
banana clip, im on my hungry n-gg-
sammich sh-t
and all my f-ckin goons is on some savage sh-t
and n-gg-s livin life, we on some lavish sh-t
and we be runnin up quick, like we on some rabbit sh-t
and i don’t f-ck with n-gg-s, who don’t f-ck with me
and i don’t f-ck with n-gg-s, less they payin
i don’t f-ck with fiens

uh, banana clip on the hip
(banana clip)
banana clip on the hip
boy don’t f-ck with me
you can get hit real quick
with the switch
that’s a 30 to a 40, b-tch!
banana clip on the hip
that’s the f-cking flip
i flip sh-t, hit them bricks
hittin all them licks
makin money, making bands
in the f-cking car
in the f-cking strip club spending all them bars

banana clip, banana clip, on my hip
banana clip, banana clip, on my hip
banana clip, banana clip, on my hip
(fade out)

- kennway tha don lyrics

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