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kenny rogers – sweet little jesus boy lyrics



sweet… little jesus boy-oy-oy
they made you be born in a manger-er
swee-ee-ee-eet little ho-oly chi-i-ld
they didn’t know who you were

didn’t know you’d come to save us lord
to take our sins away
our eyes were bli-i-ind
and we could not see-ee
we didn’t know-ow who-oo you were

a long time ago-o
you were bor-orn in a manger, lor-ordd
sweet little je-esus boy (sweet jesus boy)
now the world treated you mean, lor-ord
and it’s been treatin’ me mean too
but that’s how things are done now, yeah-eah (swee-ee-eet)
we didn’t know it was you

you done told us how
and we are a-tryin’
master, you done showed us how (how-ow-ow)
even when you were dyin’ (when you were dyin’)
it just seems like we can’t do right (do right)
look how we treated you, yeah-eah
please, please, forgive us lord…
we didn’t know it was you

sweet little jesus boy-oy (sweet little je-esu-us)
born a long time ago-o
swee-ee-ee-eet little holy chi-i-ild
we didn’t know who-oo you were

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