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kenzin0 – oh lord lyrics

kenzin0! yeah…
oh lord
oh lord
oh lord

pardon me, do you understand going down?
what’s happening? i am going back in
i’ll never stop rapping, ’til i am collapsing
there’s no turning back when
your flow’s still advancing
taters get mad when
their girls’ stare while i’m p-ssing
i’m setting these traps in
their neural synapses
subconsciously sn-tching
these girls up like magic
and i am no dragon
but i spit flames on these tracks when
i open my trap and start snapping
the back of your girl’s bra unclasping
drops rapidly, i am not bragging
see i am who i am
these dudes cannot fathom
how i swoop and grab them
i’m smooth like a phantom

- kenzin0 lyrics

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