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king george – 31 flavors lyrics

[king george]
heat in my hand, here come the kingpin
ice cream man in the sun, slowly meltin
used to be my homie, used to be my friend
tried to stop me from droppin “life of a kingpin”
??? and your b-lls make your long pants sag
cuz you can’t fight your way out a wet paper bag
the ??? goin down, goin down tonight
we know you won’t bust a move, a f-ckin grape in a food fight
every time you’re up, you put your foot in your mouth
i heard you was trippin by rupaul’s house
punk motherf-cker, undercover lover
one more time, take my picture off your cover
one hundred thousand, that’s what you owe me
“i’ma pay you, king!”, that’s what you told me
sucker motherf-cker still lying to the game
you tried to stop me and ain’t a d-mn thing changed

you got 31 flavors drippin out your trunk
you ain’t the ice cream man, you little weak–ss punk [x3]

[calli g]
plastic–ss n-gg- must be touched in his brain
what you claim, where you hang, ??? straight mane
imitation, artificial, playa-hatin n-gg-
you ain’t never been true to the game
[king george:] (we gonna buck you, right on up, we gonna buck you right on
trick baby doing that b-tch sh-t, just like my ex-ho
winning off of daddy’s cash flow
but i’m glad you got big–ss wealth
but i’m a little concerned about your bad–ss health
you little b-st-rd you, you ain’t ??? those french fries
a small guy, thinkin you done made it big time
livin on short time, should i say your bored–ss life
yeah n-gg-, that’s right


[king george]
you don’t smoke weed, so we can’t blow a philly
you’re nothing but a fake like milli vanilli
trying to ??? cuz you wear tattoos
a godd-mn boy can’t fit a man’s shoes
you got no friends cuz you burn all pigeons
you’re not even wanted by the muslim religion
d-mn, whatcha gone do?
don’t you know the white boy’ll get you, foo
yeah, calli g, kg, original tru
tried to f-ck us, now we’re both f-ckin you
2 g’s, waiting on your -ss
2 feet, deep in your -ss
step up n-gg- if you really want some
you’re too f-ckin dumb, don’t know where you came from
??? kg till the breaka-break of dawn
get your head crushed like an ice cream cone
it’s on!


- king george lyrics

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