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komato_e – cyber pimpin’ lyrics

[verse: komato$e]
lil’ ho
throw them ‘bows
small b-tch, deep throat
you get kicked if you pose
picture perfect clique fasho
late night sesh with the skype
online ho gets real life pipe
cyber trap, bitcoin life
coop’ got a coupe and he got a knife
cyber pimpin’, n-gg-, i jus heard some f-ckin’ gunshots
water whippin’ in the kitchen, i jus bought a 3rd glock
i got me some money, man, my n-gg-s got they 3rd house
and your ho on my d-ck, ready for her 3rd round
my squad domin’ like your b-tch do
we been trappin’ like that rent due
we been scr-ppin’ just to end crews
i got yayo and the weed too
we off xanax and the lean too
i got plans for us to blow soon
trappin’ off cyber bricks
pints and a
lifeless b-tch all on my side and sh-t
f-ck out my face with that talkin’
n-gg-s out creepin’ and stalkin’
n-gg-s been d-gg-n’, they barkin’
why you out here steady gawkin’, you got a problem?
we gonna solve it
all with them magical eight b-lls
piled on top of revolvers
i got the keys, no montana, but
i scored a ki when i ran the f-ck up
it’s crunch time for a n-gg- like me
you gon’ fry if you try sh-t for free
so don’t test me, please, you really don’t want it, n-gg-
f-ckin’ wit my boys make you think suicide’s an option, n-gg-
as if it wasn’t already
i’m draggin’ on like andretti
slam hard like onyx, call medics
you got a problem? i’m ready
got a loophole for these putos
12 gauge, 2 of those
now your chest look loose though
here’s some gusto for your new vest
invisible man, all they can see now is your tubes, bet
i’ll still beat you just to make sure you knew death
rope on you for good measure, i call it a crew neck

- komato_e lyrics

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