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ksi – behzinga diss track [snippet] lyrics

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you know you f-cked up bro
you know you f-cked up
you know?
tommy gun sh-t

[verse 1]
how much wood can the wood-chuck chuck
if the wood chuck looked like you? (b-tch)
i’mma have fun, when the n-gg- here done
you don’t wood-chuck, wood-chuck none
think you’re a big man with a [?] d-ck
i’mma click click clack (bang)
i’mma tell ’em how i see it
get a b-tchslap, b-tchslap
turn you into riff raff, n-gg-
i’mma k!ll ’em with the red blade
[?] when you get laid

- ksi lyrics

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