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kurt rock – warning lyrics

no i’m not your motherf-cking rap star. not your mainstream hollywood rock star
no i won’t spit you bars
cause b-tch i don’t motherf-cking have to
to prove to you that i can rap
f-ck freestyles and f-ck mixtapes
this sh-t ain’t even good music
if i have good rhymes, why would i give it to other rappers beats
music takes time and patience
to master it into an art piece
i make good music and i don’t give a sh-t if you like it or not
if you hate me i think that sh-ts f-cking hilarious
if you think i can’t rap than your f-cking delirious
your rapping about p-ssy, money, and instagram, no one can take you serious
it’ll just make real people like me furious
when your trying listen to some good rap
people who are lyricists and have skill
i’d rather listen to motherf-ckers who’s real. shoutout to kell’s, bronson, logic, and kendrick
some of the only new great lyricists out there
no hip-hop is not fair if you have talent and you don’t get plays on the radio stations because…
the major label paid $2 million dollars to tell you about money, cash, and hoes or s-x, drugs and rock n roll
their is no f-cking rock n roll
their is no hip-hop
well maybe there still is but its ignored in the mainstream
maybe kurt rock will be one of the first in this generation
to spark some new inspiration along with his childhood friend brandon kern
we are ready for a worldwide domination through every major nation. a music takeover
fixing your radios, and exploding your stereos
well the mainstream teens like the music that’s going on
too f-cking bad, i’ll show them what good music is
not, 5 seconds to summer
sam hunt, desiigner, or one direction
maybe i can lead the top 40s in the right f-cking direction
i just felt like i’d give you a warning. so you people wouldn’t freak out and be surprised when you actually feel emotion listening to music
listen to a new song and feel like everything is okay. feel inspired, feel required, feel like you can make it through the day
how to fix the world is music. and i’m just the first one who thought how to do it
2020, get ready for kwp music group, music domination
where u flip through the stations and don’t hear the same one song on every channel
where producers actually know what they are doing
where record labels sign people with talent
where they care about what goes out to the people’s ears before a paycheck
money is the root of everything even this d-mn set
people in the world are starving and we buy ourself bugattis and private jets
when kids are thankful for one drink of water and one plate of food
this is the world that i want to see. the only way it can happen is if you allow me to change the world for the better. so that you fully understand
all we give a f-ck about is a motherf-cking paycheck
you wonder why the elitists think were worthless
because we lack this thing called common sence
and we don’t listen to our hearts or our conscious
all we do is talk and tweet about nonsense
wake the f-ck up and get off your f-cking phone, maybe if we would be considerate their would be so many people feel alone
all these pop, rap, and rock stars want is to get paid and get wh-r-s to bone
what the f-ck has this world godd-mn come to
sorry god i used the lords name in vein but these dumb motherf-ckers are brainwashed and should be ashamed
this is my warning to all of america…
europe, asia, south and the rest of north america, australia, and africa
this world is mad, it needs more love and it’s not just music in this world that is f-cked up
music is the most powerful tool in the world
so i’ll change it so we can be in peace. get rid of all this sh-t that’s run by the devil. and yes your fine if you listen to rap, rock, or heavy metal
i’ll change it for the better, the world could never repay me
for my sacrifice and no i’m not your savior
i’m just here to help. i’m not just a worthless white trash entertainer

- kurt rock lyrics

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