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kyle bent – apalled lyrics


1 verse : im so raw,
so far,
all i hear is blah blah,
when these rappers tryna son me all i hear is dada,
boy i ah-ah-adopt you, im lava hot dude,
i know you cant stand me cause i done jaw-dropped you,
someone should’ve stopped you, ya’ll just can’t see me
got you asking “who’s there?” like i just knock-knocked you,
so colossal, over-the-top too,
rock shows and whoa im who they giving the props to,
ive been lazy you have every right to hate me
but imma just get back in it, turn it around like a pivot,
you with it, they start hating cause im just one of the realest,
the underdog now look down at you like a midget,
admit it you just a critic, mad cause im getting fast paper,
p-ss you drag queens faster than a drag racer,
on my paper -trail get it now and ask later,
killing all these rappers got atheist saying last prayers,
im the predator praying on you dudes,
see im higher than you squares like im laying on some cubes,
say the sky is the limit while im laying on the moon,
cause im always finnah rise like helium balloons

chorus : a boston spitter flowing like the tigris ,
i mean it is (somewhat ridiculous)2x
used to hate it,
but now you on my hit list
i mean it is (somewhat ridiculous) 2x

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