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l’ jay – just bars (remix) lyrics


youngest niggas in the fucking city
north side they riding wit me
got my dough up
got my shows up
ain’t nobody fucking wit me
rest in peace to cusso keithy
u the reason why i smoke this refer
now i’m chained up
gotta keep the heater
homcide when it’s drama time
lil niggas dieing
mamas crying
bullets flying
cause we out here
they never out here
hollywood i’m out dere
when i’m my city im in field
where niggas drill
they k!lled tray that was big bro since 1st grade
so if u say grate u get sprayed
big packs on the one way
big dope in these swisher sweets
i’m about what i’m talking about
fuck u talking about
whole city know i got clout
i bring the hoes out
when the flight land
and jumpmans
them bullets make u jump man
u better get the running
cause we dumping
u fuck wit demniggas
that fuck wit dem niggas
that fuck wit dem niggas
that fuck wit the cops
i was on the block trying make it happen
trap booming playing madden
codeine all on breathe
polo boxers holding up the strap
tim boots probably stomp ya face
got luck like the celtics
all u niggas on fuck shit
k!llers wit me zanned up
but still function
they don’t really care my nigga
they really might spray my nigga
shoot straight
we ain’t g-y my nigga
i got the profit
don’t fuck wit niggas
they fuck niggas
and fuck b-tches
cause i fuck b-tches
can’t trust niggas
only god i trust
only money i trust
no hoes niggas
stand around
and i pull up in that big old body benz
day 1’s wit me
fuck ya new friends
all about money
and benjamins