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lace curtains – saint vitus lyrics


[verse 1]
i hate straight lines
and i hate whole foods
my kid’s p-ss smells white
don’t touch me, i’ll sue
a snake coiled around a stone
looks up at eve
“i wanna show you somethin’
let’s not tell you-know-who”

[chorus 1]
grab the lightning
k!ll ’em all
master puppets
and justice for all

the 60’s ended for me
when i smoked pcp
in the 70’s

[verse 2]
inside edition
in high definition
like a vulture pickin’ a bridesmaid
with combination skin
the rats are smaller here
but they’re all in a guild
you have to fill out the proper paperwork
to be roadk!ll

[chorus 2]
your dog calls you by your first name
even he thinks that you’re a chump
i had to pull the weeds from
my neighbor’s yard
now i’m ready for me